The Human Design Holiday Experience
An experiential time-out and tune-in

with Nisarg B. Nikiel

IHDS Reflector Teacher since 2002

September 25 to October 2, 2021

Arillas, Corfu, Greece

The Human Design Holiday Experience

While the Human Design Knowledge sounds interesting and obvious when we hear about it in a reading and/or classroom, it might not be so easy to actually live it in everyday life. My vision for this week is to energetically play with the tools the Human Design System offers to find out if what we were told and what we learned about our individual Design is true for us.

We will meet every morning for a minimum of 3 hours and additional 2 hours in the afternoon in the seminar room. It provides plenty of space and a lovely atmosphere for exercises, experiments, meditations and sharings designed to respectfully support every participant’s individual process of getting attuned and aligned to themselves.

And of course, the island of Corfu offers the perfect conditions for an easy, pleasurable and joyful holiday: Delicious Greek food and wine, our own swimming pool, walking distance to the blue sea, romantic sunset dinners, Greek dance performances, and, and, and…

A special treat is the possibility to set up one’s own design on the

“Step in Bodygraph”

as is seen on the photos below. This is a dream come true for me since my background before HD was supporting people to connect and read energy in this way.

It took me many years to realize this dream…

Many of those who have experienced my way of working with it in previous courses have started to also use it in their classes. It allows the possibility to literally step into the energy of one’s inner energetic landscape – walking through the channels, inviting others into the open centers; experiencing clearly the difference between one’s own energy and the energy coming in from outside. It offers a particularly powerful connection to one’s inner authority.

I like to call this the “Magic HD Carpet Experience”. It is such a direct way of getting in touch with the magic of one’s own life and to discover that energy never lies…

Another special treat I am particularly happy to announce is the contribution of the master musician Pepe Danza, who is offering to support us with the transforming and healing power of sound.

Would you like to join us for a holiday to remember?
Do You feel invited!?
Are you up for a surprise?
For Whom?

This invitation is for those of you who have been in contact with the Human Design

System - from having had an introduction and/or reading to being a student or maybe even a teacher.

Do you feel like joining a group of kindred spirits

for a special holiday

on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu?

Together we will dive into our Human Design experiment in a respectful, supportive and fun environment

with plenty of time to enjoy

all the wonders this island has to offer.

There is space for 16 participants!

Meet Nisarg

Trained and mentored by Ra Uru Hu, the originator of the Human Design System, Nisarg has been teaching HDS worldwide since 2003.

"My openness as a Reflector – previously a source of confusion and pain – has become my greatest resource. It enables me to become one with people and reflect their conditioning as well as their true nature back to them. This can trigger a healing process that goes beyond the practical information of HDS. To be able to assist this powerful transformation gives me a deep sense of fulfillment".

750 €

Price includes all the activities during the week,
and does not include
flights & accommodation
(abundant Greek style breakfast and lunch ARE included in accommodation!).

To reserve the spot we ask for 150 € deposit. The rest can be paid on the spot.

Accommodation & Food

at Nikos Apartments:

2 Bedroom Apartments:

2 bedrooms each with terrace, shared kitchen,

living room and bathroom.

With options for:

Single occupancy in double room - 280 € / week

Double occupancy in double room - 228€ / week


Room with 2 beds,

kitchen and bathroom downstairs, terrace.

Spiral staircase leads to bedroom upstairs.

Options for:

Double - 280€ for the week

Triple occupancy - 228€ for the week

What Participants Say
Testimonials from previous
The Human Design Holiday Experience:

“I was recently asked what my favorite part of my trip to Greece was my answer: being given the space and permission to completely and unapologetically relax into myself, nothing to pretend about, nothing to chase after, no proving this or that. Simply just letting the experience of Corfu wash over me! It was perfect!”

Sara Castro


"Our time in Arillas was like an initiating ritual - where I could be myself, maybe for the first time in my life. It was life-changing! Not everything has to be stressful! I just want to play.... I am here to play with you, now! Check out the other, see what´s possible and enjoy whatever is coming from the other side. … Thank you for this wonderful time we had together, I enjoyed being in the company of everyone of you!"

Simone Brennt
Manifesting Generator
"Nisarg is a human tin-opener, a revolving sprinkler...

... if you're lucky and get to come to any of her groups, you'll be doused by friendly, authoritative wisdom so juicy and true that you'll never be the same again. 

You'll come away with tools you can use in your
daily life to continue the process of unmasking
your essence and letting go what isn't you."

Madhuri Z. K. Ewing

"There was no other way to discover Human Design for me as an emotional being but with Nisarg. No other option than to let it come under my skin.
Amazingly unnoticeably, in the very light and joyous manner and indeed fabulously beautiful Nisarg could Design movement inside of me. I was feeling from her the unprecedented respect for my slowness, taciturnity, for not being able to know in the moment and generally to my ignorance.
Nisarg taught me to enjoy the matter that previously has always been the challenge for me. I could feel with her what it is to love myself. I found myself in a totally different atmosphere. Feeling life, breathing it, living it out instead of calculating, thinking it over and building up plans.
I am happy, satisfied and thankful to the fact that it was Nisarg guiding me. And I must admit it in terms of my emotional clarity that these feelings remain unchanged for more than ten years already".
Anna Charykova
Emotional Generator
"It has been a week of deep insights, self discoveries, mutual respect, exceptionally so... to discover the fine uniqueness of each of us, to heal so deeply... and, to get the presentation of the Jewel (“Human Design” is for me) by Nisarg in such a way, which is totally unique and exceptional for our self discoveries... such a gift for me on my path of De-conditioning during my HD experiment".
"Dear Nisarg, what you share has such a value, that it is actually priceless; I know you since many years , and almost every word you say points to the incredible understanding and inner experience opening a new space to go deeper into life and growth in consciousness and awareness. And it happens with you in such a simple and the same time in a mysterious way…"
Manifesting Generator
This year we will have something absolutely special. The musical part by world multi instrumentalist Joseph Pepe Danza. As you know, sound is the foundation of everything. And having the correct sound may support and facilitate incredible processes in our bodies and psyche.

Pepe comes from the traditions of Zen Buddhism and he masterfully combines deep meditative frequency with use of incredible world instruments.

As we say, the retreat is the result of everyone's energy combined, so there is no strict program of Pepe's offerings, but we are intending for sound meditations, sound healing, zen flute concert, and maybe even ecstatic dance!

With great joy I like to introduce also Julia Krakova who many of you know already as co-creator of the memorable HD New Year Marathon last January. I feel very privileged and honoured by her supporting me in this adventure.

A 1/3 Projector, Analyst, LYD Guide with additional trainings in many other HD studies she created this inviting site with her talent of creating beauty.

She will also take care of answering questions and sign ups. And – she will be supporting us in this special week with her wise and caring presence… available also for individual readings and coachings for those who wish to receive one to one support from a brilliant Projector.

To reserve your place and for every question that comes up,
we'll be happy to support you:
WhatsApp: +972 545 716 567

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